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    Managed IT

    Tired of feeling like a hostage to hi-priced IT services that don’t align with your business? You’re not alone, many IT shops only make money when your computers are not working – they rely on down-time but that’s at your expense. When computer systems are down your business is losing thousands of dollars/hour. Unexpected IT repairs can cost thousands more.


    In Lacombe and Ponoka, Cybertech360 is the clear choice for managed IT Services.

    Make the change to Managed IT.  At CyberTech360 we are motivated by your success. Our business model is simple – we save you money by budgeting for IT services that result in system Up-Time. .

    The CyberTech Advantage

    We mitigate the risks of IT system downtime for organizations in Alberta. With offices in Lacombe and Ponoka, we are only minutes away from our clients.

    1. Proactive in maintenance
    2. Protect only what’s important
    3. Know the recovery points of critical systems and data
    4. Industry-specific cyber compliance
    5. Remote worker assistance

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    IT management services
    Managed IT Services - CyberTech 360


    When people talk about having a business continuity plan, most of the time that plan is focused on data and networks.  Often used interchangeably with “disaster recovery plan,” most continuity plans are about what to do if the business itself is hit with some sort of catastrophe such as a natural disaster, or an extended power/internet outage beyond the company’s control.

    CyberTech 360 is dedicated to bringing the best in IT services, business continuity planning, and disaster recovery to companies both large and small.  With over twenty years’ experience, we know the importance of using the right tools and the right technology to create the best outcomes for our clients.


    Numerous types of data, including credit card information and patient health details, must be transmitted securely – encrypted – to adhere to current data-handling regulations. Not only is this a legal requirement, it’s also common sense. Your company cannot risk data theft.

    Automatic email encryption offers unparalleled peace of mind for you, your employees and your executives.