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Artificial Intelligence

AI Revolutionizes Businesses through Automation and Productivity Gains

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Hearing Professionals

Maximize your hearing clinic ability to profit and meet eHealth care compliance.

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Managed IT

Enable higher productivity and  collaboration with your team as your business grows.

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Protect Your Investment

Remain protected from continuous cyber threats that could impact your operation performance.

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Invest In Recovery

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Know Your Risk

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Business Continuity

Business Continuity is a comprehensive strategy that organizations put in place to ensure they can continue to operate in the event of a disaster or other disruptive event.

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Managed Service Provider

MSP stands for Managed Service Provider. It is a company that provides a range of IT services to other businesses or organizations.

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Penetration Testing

Penetration testing, also known as "pen-testing," is a method of evaluating the security of a computer system or network by simulating an attack from a malicious hacker.

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Vulnerability Assessments

Vulnerability testing is a process used to identify and assess weaknesses in a company's computer systems, networks, and applications.

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Ransomware Detection

Ransomware attacks are among the most expensive and disruptive (and all-to-common) cyber threats today. When your system is infected by ransomware, malware encrypts your files making them inaccessible.

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CyberTech360’s consulting services for IT provide expert advice and guidance on various aspects of information technology to organizations or individuals.

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77%of Attacks come from Phishing Emails

Risk - Financial loss due to loss of sensitive information through malicious emails or websites that appear legitimate but aren't. Solution - Employee education and training in identifying phishing attempts and implementing spam filters and anti-phishing software. 

61% of Organizations face Ransom Threats

Risk - Malware that encrypts at victim's files and demands payment in exchange for the decryption key.  Solution - Multi-layered approach, Secure backups (Business Continuity Data Recovery BCDR), software updates, Zero-trust, employee training and awareness, multi-factor authentication. 

75% of Businesses face Malware Attacks (2022)

Risk - Malicious software that can take any form, including viruses, Trojans, and worms. Solution - Use reputable and updated Software. Keep all software up to date with the latest security patches and updates. 

82% of Data Breaches Involve a Human Element (Social Engineering)

Risk - An attack that manipulates people into providing sensitive information or performing an action. ​ Solution - Employee training on how to identify and avoid these tactics. Use multi-factor authentication to protect sensitive accounts with Cybertech security.  

69% of Attacks come from unprotected passwords

Risk - Using unprotected passwords are significant, as they make it easy for attackers to gain unauthorized access to your accounts and personal information. Solution - Employing strong and unique passwords, as well as two-factor authentication, is crucial in mitigating these risks. 

61% of people reuse passwords on multiple accounts.

Risk - Reusing passwords for multiple accounts can lead to identity theft, account takeover, and other security risks. Solution - It's important to use unique passwords for each account and consider using a password manager. 


The service is second to none, a quick email or phone call will result in a very quick response to a question or support. I am able to go on vacation knowing that my systems are supported, monitored, and protected by Darrell and his team. Would recommend CyberTech360 and Datto always.

George Cavanaugh


CyberTech360 has been very organized in all aspects of our transition to a new server and computer stations and software updates. Their communications with all levels of our staff has been exceptional and they have delivered on all their commitments.

Lorne Fundytus


We had to lean on CyberTech360 at a critical time when we had to let go of our IT person. I can say nothing but great things about Darrell and his team. They were professional, calm, took the time to explain and effectively got our organization through a very difficult period.

Cheryl Bernard


Having Darrell & CyberTech360, look after Total Integration's IT needs was a great decision. Once the responsibility was shifted I have a sense of relief and confidence with my IT in the event of anything happening. Any computer issues have been attended to promptly and fixed.

Lance Bushell


Amazing transformation of our security and systems. Extremely knowledgeable and very professional. Thanks very much for your spectacular service :)

Kim Sokalofsky


Darrell and his team at CyberTech360 have been amazing!! they are very thorough, punctual, and always follow through with every commitment they promise! I would definitely recommend CyberTech360.

Carmelle Sevigny-Black


Very good company to deal with. Goes above and beyond to take care of the client. We were so impressed with the service that we switched all of our business to them.

Dave Morrow


Excellent Service! I can definitely recommend! Our main computer that has all our management software for our business crashed. Darrell was able to come out immediately and found that the computer was beyond repair.

Cathy Haagsma


Darrell and his team respond quickly when it counts. Our network has never been served better.

Scott Stevenson


Organized, professional and patient! Thank you for your help!

Kathleen Jones


With the service I receive with CyberTech360 I have peace of mind knowing my company and our client communications are safe from hackers and malicious bots. This service is affordable even for a small business and the service is excellent.

Bernice Winter


With our IT being managed by our headquarters in Europe, there are just some jobs that require the help of an onsite tech. Darrell and his team always go above and beyond, and the work they do is top-notch. If you are looking for a professional and friendly company to work with, look no further than CyberTech360!

Luke Solomon


Darrel gives excellent services, he is dependable, very knowledgeable and has done a great job of resolving my computer problems.

Bob Schindel


Darrell took the time to understand our needs and come with options to service the company. Always responded and made time for our requests.

Mark Miller


They are the best but I shouldn't spread that or they will become too busy:)

Brian Impey


We can recommend Cybertech360 Services. He always will get things solved or give the right advice.

Dwayne Jolliffe


Darrell is very knowledgeable in his field and he has gotten our business running better and safer than ever before. I highly recommend CyberTech360.

Meghan Phillips

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