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Why is Cyber Security Important?

Currently, with more and more goods and services being offered over the internet, cyber security is more important than ever. But unless you’ve done extensive research, you may not understand what’s at risk when it comes to cyber security. For business owners, keeping your data secure and protecting customers is paramount and cyber security services help you do so.

Below, let’s look at some of the reasons why cyber security is important for everyone these days.

Cyber Security Affects Everyone

When you think of cyber security, governmental organizations and big businesses likely come to mind, but it affects much more than that. Everyone who uses a smartphone or tablet are at risk of cyber security breaches, adware, hacking, and more. There are thousands of documented instances where hackers have used personal email accounts or other information to run adware and spam campaigns to collect sensitive information.

The Role of Cyber Security for Businesses

Running a successful business takes a lot of oversight these days, especially where sensitive information is concerned. Cyber security plays an important role in business, helping to protect a wide variety of things, such as:

– Communication Systems

– Personal Computers

– Databases

– Servers & Cloud Services

– Financial Transactions & Records

– Customer Data

– & More

3 Principles of Cyber Security

When people talk about cyber security, there are often a few things mentioned that go hand in hand with the services. These three principles are what has helped define the cyber security industry over the years and ensure companies can provide their clients with the very best, up-to-date services.

These are:

– Integrity: This principle is a commitment to keeping important information from being altered. When malware hits a computer system it can scramble its information, which is why cyber security experts create ways to keep such things intact in the event of an emergency.

– Confidentiality: This is all about protecting you and your clients’ sensitive information, like bank records or personal information. Cyber security teams work hard to prevent any information leaks, keeping all your services and transactions confidential.

– Availability: Part of a good cyber security plan is being able to access sensitive information when you need it. That’s why many security plans incorporate multiple servers and cloud systems to store sensitive data that can be accessed from anywhere.

Contact CyberTech 360 today to protect your business

Whether you own a small mom-and-pop store or a high-volume firm, keeping you and your clients’ sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands is paramount. Call CyberTech 360 today at (403) 789-8933 or book a service call online. We also specialize in security awareness training and other services.

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