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Providing Remote Access to Employees Is Critical to Your Business Continuity Plan

When people talk about having a business continuity plan , most of the time that plan is focused on data and networks.  Often used interchangeably with “disaster recovery plan,” most continuity plans are about what to do if the business itself is hit with some sort of catastrophe such as a natural disaster, or an extended power/internet outage beyond the company’s control.

However, with the continued spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, we’re now seeing a new type of challenge to businesses – one which is revealing an oversight many businesses made: enabling remote access and work-from-home policies.  If your business continuity plan doesn’t account for a need for remote access, you are likely to have a rough time in the weeks and months ahead.

Your Business Needs A Plan for Remote Access!

One possible reason that the need for a real remote-access plan has gone overlooked is that many businesses assume that this is a simple matter. All the employees have phones and laptops, and probably desktop computers at home, so it should be easy to get them all connected.

Except, it’s not that easy at all. There are numerous considerations that have to be accounted for:

1. Securing your data

Numerous types of data, including credit card information and patient health details,  must  be transmitted securely – encrypted – to adhere to current data-handling regulations. Not only is this a legal requirement, it’s also common sense. A company cannot risk data theft.

2. Securing employee devices

Did you know that the most common source of data breaches is employee-owned devices? A single misplaced iPhone can do more damage than the most complicated of hacking scams. Besides enabling secure access to data, you must also be able to guard against that data being stolen from personal devices.

3. Enabling network access

Does your network even have VPN support or other provisions for allowing large numbers of people to telecommute?  We’re already getting calls from businesses discovering that their current VPN support isn’t up to the challenge. Robust VPN access is a necessity.

4. Shared access to tools

What tools do your workers actually need to do work?  Are those tools capable of handling a large number of remote logins without becoming productivity bottlenecks? If not, your business continuity plan will be severely challenged.

CyberTech 360 Is Here

However, CyberTech 360 can help!  We specialize in helping businesses develop robust, modernized continuity and security solutions. Click here for a free security assessment !


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