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How to Determine if You Need Identity Theft Protection Services

With all the modern technology available nowadays, it’s never been easier for crooks to gain access to your information. That’s why so many have chosen to invest in identity theft protection services. However, it can often be difficult to determine whether you’re in dire need of them or not, which is why the team from CyberTech 360 has collected some facts for you.

Here you’ll learn all you need to know about guarding yourself against identity theft, so read on.

Who is a Good Candidate for Identity Theft?

Whether you’re a business owner or simply surf the web on occasion, without the proper protections in place you can easily become a target. There are, however, some who become easier targets than others. These people are usually older businesses that have just joined the tech wave or people who aren’t too familiar with using email and surfing the web, making them easy marks for phishing emails and other spam tactics.

What Are Identity Theft Protection Services?

Identity protection services often include things like security monitoring, which enables security professionals to determine when someone else is using your personal information. For example, when you log into your Gmail account from another location, you often receive an email notification from Google telling you where your account what accessed and from what type of device. These are the sort of things identity theft protection services look for but on a grander scale.

Many identity theft protection professionals also provide recovery services to help you deal with the aftermath of having your identity stolen or your personal information compromised.

What are the Common Types of Monitoring Services?

There are two different types of monitoring services to prevent identity theft. They are:

– Credit Monitoring: This type of service keeps an eye on your credit history, loan history, late payments, and pending legal judgments against you to make certain that they’re all actions initiated by you and not another person.

– Identity Monitoring: This is when professionals monitor things like change of address requests, check cashing requests, payday loan applications, and other things that could be a red flag someone else has access to your personal information.

Let CyberTech 360 protect you or your business against identity theft!

If you want to ensure your professional or personal information never falls into the wrong hands, the team from CyberTech 360 can help. Contact us today by calling (403) 789-8933 or visiting us online. We also specialize in cyber risk assessments and IT services , so contact us today !

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