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How Much Does IT Cost!

How Much Does IT Support Cost in 2023?

In 2023, the cost of Information Technology has increased, but not at the same rate as other business services. This is largely due to the abundant supply of young technicians and new innovations. The cost of cybersecurity is shocking to many small businesses that have otherwise considered antivirus as a method of protection. Let's look at four variables that affect the cost of IT support:

Windows computers, laptops, desktops, and servers all have an expected lifespan ranging from 4-7 years, depending on the quality of components used inside and the intended purpose.

  • Laptops have the shortest lifespan of 4-5 years before problems start to appear. Estimated cost: $800-$1700.
  • Desktops often last 5-6 years before parts become obsolete and technology surpasses the capability to work effectively. Estimated cost: $850-$2500.
  • Servers have the longest lifespan of 5-7 years due to the higher quality components used by manufacturers. Estimated cost: $2500-$7500.

We all need specific software to perform our jobs. Some software is provided online, and other applications are installed on the computer. Software is the engine of your business, and when it works right, business operations are smooth. However, when it works poorly, you struggle with completing tasks or achieving your goals. Estimating the cost of your specific software is impossible to provide in this blog. Keep in mind that what works for one company may not work for another.

Access to reliable internet is critical to succeed, even more so when using an online software system. Without reliable high-speed internet, your business will struggle to keep pace with client and vendor demands. There are three common types of internet access. There is no single right option for everyone; often, multiple methods are needed.

  • Hardline - A dedicated connection to your business, costing $60-$500 depending on speed and capacity. Most reliable and secure.
  • Public WiFi - A connection that you borrow from hotspots or public buildings, costing $0-$30/day. Somewhat reliable but very insecure.
  • Cell HotSpot - Your cell phone data plan most likely has a monthly limit, costing $60-$$$ . Least reliable but somewhat secure.

IT Person:
Depending on your needs, a person with some basic tech skills inside your organization may be all that is needed. However, when knowledge of how things really work is required, hiring or outsourcing an IT professional is the better choice. Here is a rough estimation of IT skills:

  • Basic Support: $35/hr+
  • Intermediate Skills: $55/hr+
  • Highly skilled in many areas: $85/hr+

How Much Does IT Support Cost?
All in all, you should budget $150/month per computer. This will include hardware, software, internet, and an IT person.

For a more accurate estimation, book a consultation with an IT professional at CyberTech360, we have over three decades of experience in professional managed IT systems.

What do our customers say?

Darrell is incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. He is personable and professional. If you have any cyber security concerns, CyberTech360 is the place to go. I have several of my colleagues who use his services and have nothing but appreciation for the services that are being provided. Definitely recommend, and supporting a small local business in the community!
Jennifer H. Owner, Hear Right

The service is second to none, a quick email or phone call will result in a very quick response to a question or support. I am able to go on vacation knowing that my systems are supported, monitored, and protected by Darrell and his team. Would recommend CyberTech360 and DATTO always.
George C. Director at Canada's Sports Hall of Fame

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