HIPAA Compliance

Email Encryption to protect patient data and Stay HIPAA Compliant

With electronic health records (EHR) becoming industry standard, snail mail is no longer an option when it comes to exchanging patient information between healthcare organizations. And while email is the quickest and most efficient method, it also puts confidential medical data at risk for compromise. Whether it’s through phishing, malware, or user-error, data can be leaked or lost. That’s where the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) comes in.

The goal of HIPAA is to improve the privacy and security of individuals’ protected health information (PHI)Email Encryption from AppRiver supports this goal by ensuring the best protection for your network. Email encryption can help you remain HIPAA compliant as non-compliance can be costly to your wallet and your reputation.

The bottom line is that securing the confidential transmission of e-PHI demands an end-to end email encryption solution to ensure that data remains confidential and secure between the message sender and the intended recipient. AppRiver’s Email Encryption offers this and more with Office 365 compatibility and our phenomenal customer support. Protect your patients, your finances, and your reputation.

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