Remote Access & Digital Solutions For Employees Are Easier Than You Think!

The world and business environments are changing rapidly as the Covid-19 virus uncertainties grow.

Provinces and Territories are now starting to shut down the public school systems. This means many of your staff will need to care for children at home …  or do you want to provide flexible work environments which will allow your teams, clients and vendors to work safely via remote access?

Either scenario can create havoc for SMB’s that rely on these people to carry on the day to day business roles.

Can your teams work remotely? Do you have the functionality in place which would allow staff to work from home?

Strand Media and Cybertech 360 can provide short or long term solutions to accommodate your digital working environments.

Cybertech 360 is a Canadian firm that is a pacesetter in business continuity and cybersecurity. Their technology partners are global leaders that remotely support thousands of clients across Canada.

We can provide secure, peace of mind, remote access to business computer systems.  The installations are professional and securely configure all systems to ensure a safe connection that provides the best possible remote desktop experience.

Service includes:

Prevention of unauthorized access

Prevention against malware, ransomware and other dangerous software attacks

Log and audit remote connections

24X7 Security monitoring and management

The solution is ROBUST, DYNAMIC … and SECURE. The solution can be cancelled at any time at your discretion.

$125 one time corporate set up. $75 per month per user. For corporations with greater than 5 users please contact us for a custom quote to help provide you with the most competitive solution.